Education Students Speak With School Districts About Employment

Network with College district and students looking to meet Agents seeking a project attended the spring 2020 Teacher Education Career Fair.

There were over 70 companies in attendance From school districts like Mason City Community School District and Norwalk Community School District. Receive and employers had booths setup provided with brochures and flyers to take more details.

According to the College of Human Sciences’ site Face-to-face with companies that are prospective sets you.

Pupils in attendance had majors and Specializations, but most looked to become teachers within their specialty.

If the pupils Were looking for employment, the career fair might be a opportunity to receive their name into the school district agents for internships or possible jobs.

Pupils were armed with their Resumes and dressed in business attire. Some were grinning and conversing with companies, while some appeared intimidated, standing to the side for if they’d gather up the guts to prepare talking points.

Freshman in, chase Hough Education, is searching for a job while still having the ability to use his training endorsement at a school 24, teaching second graders. He’s currently taking courses to find out how to be a mentor in basketball or soccer, along with instruction in an elementary school.

“I’d love to remain at Iowa,” Hough said. “It has always been my fantasy to be a soccer coach and a basic teacher.”

Jessica Hawk said she’d love to educate special education.

“I Coach gymnastics that is [with] children that are younger. I assisted in a daycare with younger children, so I am just kind of targeted more towards younger children,” Hawk said. “[I hope] to find out what districts have distinct [project ] offers.”

Kelly Olsen specializes in the violin. She is not sure what she wishes to do involving heading being an orchestra teacher or to graduate school.

“I am here to just type of Analyzing the waters and looking around, seeing exactly what jobs can be found,” Olsen said. “I really don’t have a lot of experience talking to professionals in the instruction area, and I just want to have more practice.”

Hannah Johnson is a professional in research and family and consumer science education.

Johnson Stated she’d love to become a school family and consumer sciences teacher. The career fair of monday was her first time.

“[The Career fair] was really part of a portion of our course missions for Education 219, however I think that it’s a excellent mission in that we may get our feet wet and know exactly how this whole thing works until the pressure is really on,” Johnson stated. “Now, I believe I want to feel out how it works”

Iowa State’s School of Education functions to Prepare students to function in school settings like higher, middle and elementary school.

Details about the faculty Programs and degrees for both graduate and undergraduate education students, Can be located on their site. The Site can be a place Explore information about applications and these levels for students.

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